How to pedal like a pro, tips to make your ride more enjoyable.

Correct pedal poitioning, aligning your foot to the pedal and adjusting this using your cleats is something you must be aware of. When I first started riding again, I had no idea of just how important this is. Riding along, I had the tingling and pins and needles from incorrect adjustment of the pedals and shoes.

Even when you get this right, there’s still the question of pedaling technique.

This plays a big factor in the way you expend energy from your core to the pedals, and makes the difference between enjoying a long ride and losing steam 3/4 of the way home…been there.

Only with practice and regular rides can you appreciate the importance of correct road bike pedal technique. This video is pretty insightful and gave me some instant tips on how to improve my cycling.

When I’m out on the road, I can now follow a blueprint pattern and concentrate on riding better. It really works and my riding has improved 200% just by follwing the principles outlined in this video.

Just remember what’s said in the video and remember the foot position and the leg movement. Use your cleats efficiently.

The Technique

  1. The Push Forward (The top of the pedal stroke)
  2. The Push Down (The 90 crank position from the top)
  3. Pull Back (The bottom of the stroke preparing to pull up)
  4. Straighten up (Bringing your foot back to the top position)


This one is not too bad also.



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