Shimano R076 – Road Shoe – $119.95 save 20%

Every now and then I come across road bike accessory retailers that offer some great deals on cycling gear. One of my favourite bike stores always has great gear on special. Take this Shimano R076 road bike shoe for $119.95. A good bargain for first time road cyclists. I have the same pair and paid $149.oo for mine, so I know this is a good deal.

I’ve ridden over 2500k since I bought mine last year, they’re comfortable, lightweight (for me anyway) and will see me out for a year or so yet. Make sure you buy the correct cleats to match your pedals too.


Shimano R076 Road Shoes are an entry level shoe that delivers high performance. Fibreglass reinforced nylon outer sole gives an excellent combination of stiffness and compliance for club and sport riders.Featuring highly breathable uppers with nylon mesh panels and vented sole for efficient ventilation and moisture transportation. Reflective detailing on the heel to keep you more visible in low light conditions

  • Triple-strap closure supports foot securely
  • Reflective detailing on the heel
  • SPD-SL, SPD and Look* cleat compatible
  • Cleat Pattern: SPD-SL and Look
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: Approx 525 grams per pair of size 40

The R076 gives you a stiff fibreglass-reinforced and vented sole and foot hugging cut and the same uppers as the R086. You get an excellent performing, comfortable shoe at a great price and even light weight. The R076 are simple, light, fast and comfortable.

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