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Giant TCR A1 – recommendations

My Giant TCR Alliance has served me well over the last year. It's been a great entry level bike and the more I ride,the more I learn. Thanks to a lot of forum reading you can pick up some good ideas on how to spend money on upgrading your Giant bike, or do you simply buy at the top level. With so much to consider and a lot of experts out there, it makes sense to read the threads on whatever forums you can find. I found the one mentioned here by simply Googling the TCR A1 as I'm wanting to get

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How to pick a road bike that’s right for you

It's the age old question, compounded by too much choice and everyone has an opinion. When you go buy a tv, it's the same story - what is it that make you go for the Sony or the LG? Same with road bikes. I guess the first obstacle to getting the bike your REALLY want is price! Road bikes can vary from a few hundred dollars to over 10 grand! Here's a good little video by Aaron Philips of the University of Utah. Listen to what he talks about and it might give you some ideas. I bought my bik

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Maintaining your road bike and being safe on the road

Your cycling safety on the road should be your first priority before setting out on a ride. There's a few basics checks you really need to get into the habit of doing before those pedals start to turn. Here's a great YouTube video on some basic checks to do. Things like the obvious, check tyre pressure, brakes, wheel skewers (how easy would it be for your wheels to slip off??),  and don;t forget lights and other safety gear when riding in the early morning or at night. And the most important

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Giant Trinity Advanced SL bicycle – non compliant for comps in Australia

Cycling Australia has been informed by the UCI and Giant Bicycles Australia that the MY2010 Giant Trinity Advanced SL bicycle has been deemed as non compliant with Article 1.3.021 of the UCI Technical Regulations. "if you are buying a new Giant road bike for racing, that you seek technical advice" Following review of this decision and information received that Giant Bicycles have established a rectification program the Cycling Australia Technical Commission has decided that the use of this

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Giant bicycles poster images

Giant bikes have been well publicized for their quality build and components. it's time t showcase the advertising and marketing campaigns. Get a feel for the message Giant are aligning to, which is grit, determination and overall 'coolness'. Go Giant bikes. Take a look at Denis Menchov on his Giant Trinity Advanced SL. What a great way for him to go winning a spot on the 2010 Tour de France. Sponsored by Rabobank of course. You really can't beat the Giant TCR Advanced SL, Oscar Freir

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